The Future Energy Show & Solar Show Philippines May 20,2023.

The Future Energy Show & Solar Show Philippines is one of the biggest power energy exhibitions in Philippine. Felicity Solar has performed well in the exhibition. Visitors from all over the world stop to exchange ideas in front of our booth. What attracts them? Lithium batteries with Grade A cells? High efficiency inverter? Or durable solar panels? Or is it the patient introduction and careful design of our staff?

The main products shown in our booth:

  • IOTF2401 WiFi Module
  • IVEM3024-3000VA Solar Inverter
  • IVEM5048-5000VA Solar Inverter
  • IVGM5048 Solar Inverter
  • LPBA48300 Solar Battery
  • LPBF48100-M Solar Battery
  • LPBF48150-P Solar Battery
  • LPBF48300 Solar Battery

All in all, it is a great pleasure to meet you here in Philippines. Meanwhile, in Poland, theres another interesting green energy show, also features Felicity Solar. Come and see us.

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